Daftar Judi Bola – Besides being a long time participant in the transmigration program the Balinese moved to other islands in Indonesia such as Lampung, South Kalimantan, South Sulawesi, and Papua in the Overseas Region, strong Hindu religious ties have caused Balinese people.

Keep maintaining the cultural pattern of the village and its temples even though in terms of its detailed details it is simplified. Because of that, in people transmigrating areas, they are usually in an environment in the cultural area and to the religion of the Balinese people as in their home areas.

Since time immemorial, Bali has not been easily accepted by outside influences. Several times the Dutch invaders in the 19th century tried to overhaul the unique Balinese life style. they persisted with their style and culture to the present day to the life of a Balinese community that was not much affected by the visit of foreign tourists who came to their country.

The architecture of Bali is a distinctive style architecture that reflects the culture of the people of Bali, which is solid and intact as described in front of the island of Bali, where most of the population embraces the same religion, and can all use the same language. All aspects of life are also greatly influenced by their traditional customs because of the blessings of Bali.