On this occasion the Sbobet Agent wanted to share our stories and experiences about the best City that you should visit if you are on holiday to Vietnam, the city called the Heaven of Flowers located in Da Lat city is a tourist place that is very visited by tourists – European tourists, for that we will review everything in this article, listen !!

In Indonesia we have Bandung as a Flower City but not the main city producing flowers. Maybe this designation is not a literal term about flowers. Another case in Vietnam, I strongly agree that Da Lat gets the Flower Heaven Nickname, not the Flower City anymore. in Da Lat, Flower Plantations have become the main business in supporting the region’s burdens. Acres of fields are planted like tobacco farming in Indonesia.

If you look at it from a distance, you will see houses with putith roofs. If we approach it, it turns out that it is Bunga’s house. Everywhere a flower is made of a greenhouse with a transparent plastic roof and around it covered with mosquito nets. Thus, the flowers will not be damaged by wind and insects from outside.

Da Lat City Becomes Promising Income For Vietnam

Flower exports from Da Lat City, according to local magazines, reach 20 million USD per year. Not a small number for a small mountain town like Da Lat. I am sure that all the flowers in Vietnam to welcome the New Year are mostly from this city. It is not complete if we visit Da Lat City without visiting the flower garden or Flower Park. After circling using a motorcycle, I finally found the Xuan Huong Lake that I was looking for. No wonder I didn’t see a lake down there when I cycled on a hill above the center of Da Lat City. What appeared was only light brown barren land the size of a soccer field. When I’m right at the location of the lake, me
only saw a few storks looking for fish in the muddy soil in the middle of the lake. The dry season may have made the lake dry, so there is no activity there. Beside the lake there is actually a resort that rents boats to sail around the lake, but now the duck boat is forced to fast in a few months to swim in the lake.

My Experience on Vacation at Flower Park

Not far from the lake, I met Flower Park. This is the largest flower garden in Da Lat City. It is obligatory to visit this place. I parked my motorcycle, 57 Alt
and bought a ticket for 10,000 VND to get into this garden. This garden gate is formed from colorful flower arrangements. The writing is made of colorful flower arrangements too. As soon as I went inside, I immediately became so neat and beautiful. Here you can find various types of flowers, there may be more than 500 types of flowers. The first time you enter, you will be faced with a beautiful Bang garden. Next, we can visit the amazed tem with the arrangement of flower gardens that are flowers that are flower nurseries. We can buy flower seeds for embroidery at home. There is also a floral embroidery craft.